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23 Februar 2017 • Rachel Havard

4 Blemish Fighting Products for Skin Confidence

Throughout our teens our skin can go through problematic phases, as hormones and oil levels fluctuate rapidly, impurities form and appearance can become uneven due to blemish scarring. As we develop throughout these years, these skin issues can have an affect on our confidence especially if you do not know how to treat and target. Continue reading and discover our 7th Heaven recommendations for you to bring harmony into your skin routine to achieve skin confidence!

Adding a deep cleansing mud mask – (weekly)

To deep cleanse pores, we recommend adding our Blemish Mud face mask as a weekly face mask skin treatment. This hard drying clay mask helps to absorb excess oils and rebalance the skin for a radiant complexion. Contains Aloe Vera, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm acne redness, Evening Primrose to improve blood circulation and Witch Hazel to fade acne scarring. The perfect weekly skin remedy!



To see the long lasting skin benefits of our Blemish Mud face mask, make sure to apply weekly as part of your skin care routine.


Purify skin with a refreshing Peel-Off mask – (weekly)

To help even skin surface and remove dead skin cells we recommend applying a Peel-Off mask. Our Tea Tree Peel-Off mask includes antiseptic properties from Tea Tree and Witch Hazel to help target and treat impurities, and Willowherb to reduce inflammation. If skin is appearing a little dull, the peeling action of this mask will help to cling onto dead skin cells to reveal an even, smooth skin surface.

1. Cleanse face. 2. Apply an even layer avoiding delicate eye area, eyebrows and hairline. 3. After 20-25 minutes or completely dry, begin to gently peel off.

Buff and polish away dead skin cells with an Exfoliating mask (weekly)

To help remove toxins and impurities we recommend our award winning Charcoal Masque. This 2 in 1 rich exfoliating mud features three pure clays to create a deeply cleansing complex. Combined with natural powdered Charcoal to draw impurities to the skin surface and crushed Walnut shell to gently buff the skin.


When removing this mask, rinse and buff in circular motions. Use weekly to resurface the skin and clear complexion.

Hydrate and treat skin quickly with a Sheet Mask

Revive skin and treat pores with our skin tingling Tea Tree Sheet Masque – a quick and easy skin treatment to help provide a dose of hydration and target blemishes. Includes Tea Tree, cooling Spearmint and Bearberry to help brighten skin complexion.

1. Cleanse face. 2. Carefully unfold sheet mask and apply. 3. After 5-10 minutes remove and massage excess product into the skin.


This quick and easy skin treatment can be used twice weekly, or when you feel skin needs that boost of hydration.