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Coconuts, are a totally tropical fruit. They conjure up images of paradise, sunny weather and long sandy beaches. We drink their water and their milk and eat their flesh. The leaves are used to make mats and baskets, and the fibrous husk is used to make brushes and stuffing for mattresses. To say it is a plant of many talents is an understatement.


The coconut is a member of the drupe family, which includes peaches, cherries and plums, and is not actually a nut
The Maldives have the coconut palm on their national coat of arms
Coconut water contains high levels of sugars, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibre and is often used as a sports drink to rehydrate
16th century Portuguese sailors thought the three small holes on the coconut shell resembled a human face, so they called it a ‘coco’ which means grinning face. The word nut was later added in English

Benefits in Facemasks

The protein rich formula of coconut oil makes it perfect for face masks. It contains a wide variety of nutrients which kill acne-causing bacteria, nurture sensitive and oily skin, prevent premature aging and unclog blocked pores to remove dirt and grime.

We love making face masks using coconut oil - It really is a one-stop-shop when it comes to beauty treatments for your face.

Reveal Mask Type Benefit

Mud Masks

Mud within face masks acts as an emulsifier penetrating skin pore deep to absorb excess sebum and other impurities deep within pores. When you wash the mud mask off, you also wash away the dirt, grime, oil and dead skin. Mud also contains huge numbers of minerals which nourish your skin, leaving your face feeling fresh, clean and vibrant.

Hair Masks

Everyone’s locks need a little love every now and again. Our sumptuous blend of oils and nutrients will leave your mane looking and feeling voluptuous and shiny, so you’re ready to face the day.

Health Benefits

The antioxidants in coconut oil help stop your skin developing those tell-tale signs of ageing. You know, those fine lines and skin blemishes. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, a coconut face mask will act as an effective moisturiser. Coconut oil has also been known to help treat various skin problems such as dermatitis and eczema.

Extensively used in the Indian sub-continent for hair care, coconut oil is an excellent conditioner and helps your damaged hair to re-grow. All in all, when it comes to health and beauty benefits, coconuts have got our vote.

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Coconut Treatments

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