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Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey has been used for centuries to treat infections and other conditions as the natural antibacterial qualities found in honey soothe the skin, whilst deeply conditioning your hair leaving your mane full and glossy. The deliciously sweet smell is the icing on an indulgent cake.

Originating from the sunny climes of Australia and New Zealand, manuka honey differs from standard honey as it is made only from the sweet nectar of the manuka tree.

It takes 60,000 bees, visiting more than 2 million flowers, to make one pound of honey
Eating local honey made by local bees is thought to help reduce the effects of hay fever
The World Health Organisation lists honey as an ingredient known to help soothe coughs and ease sleeping difficulties
Ancient Olympic athletes ate honey and dried figs to enhance their performance

Benefits in Facemasks

Its antibacterial properties and generous serving of skin-saving antioxidants make manuka honey a saviour for your skin; the prefect ingredient for our natural facemasks.
Manuka honey helps reduce the signs of aging, whilst boosting your complexion by moisturising and soothing your skin. What’s more, manuka honey helps open up the pores making them easy to cleanse and unclog.

Reveal Mask Type Benefit

Peel Off Masks

Peel Off masks are gentler and more effective than scrubs whilst leaving skin incredibly purified and smooth. You’ll be amazed at how many dead skin cells show up on the mask after use!

Hair Masks

Everyone’s locks need a little love every now and again. Our sumptuous blend of oils and nutrients will leave your mane looking and feeling voluptuous and shiny, so you’re ready to face the day.

Exfoliating Facemasks

Our fresh and clean exfoliating face masks gently scrub away the dirt and grime that can build up in your pores. If your skin needs an extra little something to sparkle, then an exfoliating mask is for you. Once you’re done, your skin will be left feeling, light, bright and ready to go.

Health Benefits

From healing sore throats and digestive illnesses to cleansing skin and moisturising hair, honey is taking the health and beauty world by storm. This sweet treat is antibacterial and anti-fungal, whilst its moisturising properties keep your skin hydrated and fresh, making it the ideal ingredient for our masks.

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Manuka Honey Treatments

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