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Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask

What’s pink & bubbles? Our pretty pink bubble mask! Taking quenching Grapefruit and mixing it with juicy Raspberry we’ve made a fabulous mask. When exposed to air it bubbles and foams to leave skin fresh and clean.

Did we mention… It’s PINK!

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Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask

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Bubble Masks

Ok, so it makes me look like a cloud, but why are those bubbles good for my skin? You might have heard of "Oxygen" facials at high end spa's, where pure oxygen is used to pump anti-oxidants and other goodness directly onto skin.

Well, we've created a similar technique that is super easy to use, affordable and can be used anywhere! The Oxygen Bubbles wake up as soon as they get in contact with moisture and air, working their excited little selfs to deeply cleanse skin.

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