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Tea Tree Sheet Mask

Wake up your skin and senses with simulating tea tree and cooling crushed spearmint. This sheet masque will help to energise and revive leaving skin clean, bright and fresh.

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree

Full Ingredients


Mask Type - Fabric Serum

The fabric closely moulds to the skin, optimising the delivery of key ingredients, leaving skin feeling revived, revitalised and refined. The skin hugging sheet locks in moisture to replenish thirsty skin.

Blogger Review

Wow, this has seriously fixed my skin! So this has to be my top pick
Delighted with the results and especially the soothing and cooling sensation it gave was out of the world!

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Customer Reviews

Love the mask! So easy to use and good for your skin.
Absolutely love this sheet mask. It smells absolutely define but most of all it really soothes my skin. I suffer from Rosacea and Tea Tree helps a lot. This mask though mixed with Tea Tree and Spearmint works wonders. I use one Twice or sometimes Three times a week.. Highly recommend for anyone with tired skin that needs a pick me up or fellow Rosacea sufferers...

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