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Our Heritage

For over 30 years we have stood against animal testing and as a founding CICAW member are proud that all our products are ‘Cruelty Free’ accredited.

Save the Seal

Save the Seal
Montagne Jeunesse launch our campaign to 'Save The Seal'

Antarctica Appeal

Save the Seal
Our Antarctica Appeal begins
The 'Eco Factory' is opened. The first of our world friendly 'headquarters'.
Save the Seal

Our 'Eco Factory'

Our wind turbine 'Windy' goes live, helping reduce our carbon footprint.
Save the Seal

Getting Windy!

We move into the Green Barn our new 'super energy efficient' headquarters.
Save the Seal

The Eco Barn


Green Guardians

Save the Seal
Our green team embark on their 5 year site management plan for the Green Barn

We're Global!

Save the Seal
Our ever growing online community exceeds 750,000 fans