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    28 March 2019

    Spring Face Masks

      Aaahh, Spring! The days are getting longer, the nights shorter and flowers are blooming all around. The perfect time to change up your skin care routine and try out some new face masks!   Don’t Worry, Peel Happy! Cold winter air, rain and other sludge can cause a build-up of dead skin cells, leftover…

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    28 February 2018

    Me Time – Taking Time for Yourself

    We live in a workaholic culture. Work, work, work. And when you’re not working, you have to work out, take care of the family and home. That little guilty voice in your head can prevent you from taking any time for yourself. All work and no play can leave you with very little energy. And…

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    20 December 2017

    6 Products to Prep Skin for Holiday Party Season

    The festive season is in full force, which also means party season is upon us! Boost skin radiance, and get hands and cuticles moisturized and ready, with the 6 products to prep skin for Holiday party season.   Moisturize hands and feet… It’s fair to say, no manicure or pedicure should be applied with dry,…

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    13 July 2017

    Post Festival Skin Care Recovery

    Festival goers, midnight ravers and party animals unite… You’ve had the time of your life at your long-awaited festival, you danced the night away, saw your favorite bands, camped under the stars but for now… it’s over (until next year). Your skin care hasn’t been your top priority, and all you can think of now…

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    13 July 2017

    Festival Skin Care and Packing Tips

    Summer has arrived and Festival season is well under way… If you’re attending a festival (lucky you!), you may be wondering what to pack, how to achieve that effortless boho chic look, and any festival skin care you may need to take along with you. Continue reading and discover the beauty solutions we recommend to…

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    1 June 2017

    Holiday Ready Skin Care Routine

    Ahh, the warm Summer days are almost here which also means many of our Summer holidays are fast approaching! Woohoo! As we prepare to jet off to warmer climates, our skin care can start to alter and our skin needs begin to shift. Whether you need to add hydration back into the skin from a…

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    1 June 2017

    Dead Sea Mud Pac Celebrates 20 Years!

    Yes, that’s right – our classic Dead Sea Mud Pac is turning 20 years young and is still one of our number one selling face masks internationally today in 2017! Flashback to 1997 – our Dead Sea Mud Pac was born and was marked as an essential for any sleep over with your friends and…

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    15 May 2017

    3 Green Tea Skin Care Products for Radiant Skin

    Get skin care savvy by discovering one of the trending ingredients of the moment… Green Tea, it’s your time to shine! The antioxidant properties of Green Tea are not only amazing for your health and well-being, but are in fact beneficial in your skin care too. Continue reading to discover the wonders of this power…

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    5 April 2017

    Spring Ready Skin Care for Glowing Skin

    The midst of Winter is over, and Spring is finally here! A turn in season, means it’s the perfect excuse to refresh your skin care to help achieve healthy, radiant looking skin. Continue reading to discover the products we recommend you should add into your skin care ritual for your skin to be Spring-ready! Get…

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    6 March 2017

    Trending! Multimasking

    Hitting the beauty scene by storm, multimasking is the top mask trend of the moment! Applying different masks to particular skin zones helps to target skin problems such as, blemishes and enlarged pores all at once. Pick and mix your skincare with 7th Heaven for your personal skincare routine. You could even step up your…

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